Architecture & Arial

Kylix Production provides professional Architectural photography and retouching for developers, Architectures, and Real Estate. Images below are combination of photographs, Aerial Imagery and retouching that we have provided our clients.


It is essential to show case your product and advertising world has already proven to us how important it is present it in a way that is innovative, different and unique in its own way. In today’s competition, Presentation and the quality of displaying your product to your target market makes the final sale. Stay a step ahead of your competition.

X-Ray Photography

This project show case a new way for you to intelligently present and show case your product, a new solution to your marketing campaign. A new way that your market target never seen before. This has the power to separate you from your competition and present you and an innovative, modern and a different company.

We Always explore new area, new ideas, and try to think without boundaries, a true sense of dream. From those crazy dreams, new Ideas come to life. We would do what we can to generate the best solutions to execute what we have on papers in front of us.

X-Ray project was one of the impossible project for us, it was impossible until it was done.