Assignment 1


The the obvious Mystery, AKA Son of a bitch. Something that masters knew. The second most important element of an image or a paiting after lighting ( without light its all dark and black, Daaaa).
Last week I was thinking about color in depth, by depth I mean I sat down somewhere and thinking about it rather than being in transit and daydream colourful stuff. There are so much we can do with colour, make people feel different, cross your ideas into someones mind by just changing colour. it can be happy, sad, daaaa moment or be very Offensive to some people. 
I tried to create few images which i found funny and it can be offensive to some. 

ok, Lets start with offensive stuff (to some people). Obviously I didn't do it to piss people off, but think about it, this is just Color?   

As lenke was talking about the assignment last week, It just popped, have no idea how but I am showing you exactly what i saw (in my mind) in class last week. 

Click on it to get bigger.



Image below can have two different meaning,: Influencer, Cancer/disease.


there is not much to explain and I ran out of words. look at the images and tell me what do you think. 


I was waiting on red light and then start thinking about it. i always break when i see the light but i don't ever think about it, its like a second nature and it seem my body knows what to do and very comfortable with it. this is what we see every day

then I though what if it was different. I decides to change the colours to RGB since we are studying about these colours. it is interesting but make no sense. specially the green in middle. we are so used to see same colour at same place and it confuse the brain when something else happens. it has raised one question, that what else we are used to it that we don't know?

Thats all for now, Cheers