Assignment 3

#1 Warm Colour

This is in downtown, Seen this before? its a cool place, in some alley hidden in city. we where looking for some vibrant and warm colour to do a shoot for a friend of mine (his business). it also serve my assignment purpose ;)




#2 Cool Colour

Thats the first time I actually paid attention to them on street. Interesting enough, its cool blue, why? I don't know.




#3 Warm Cool mix

                                   Colour Palette

This image is an ad for H&M, and this is the stuff that I like to do as a professional, right up my alley.  I love the colours, simple, mixed warm and cool, very comfortable to look at, not saturated nor too dim and very simple in the same time.

I did figured the colour colour palette for this image. 

You can see where I choose the sample colours, pretty broad and cover the main points.

Thats all for this week, Cheers.