Assignment 3

#1 Warm Colour

This is in downtown, Seen this before? its a cool place, in some alley hidden in city. we where looking for some vibrant and warm colour to do a shoot for a friend of mine (his business). it also serve my assignment purpose ;)




#2 Cool Colour

Thats the first time I actually paid attention to them on street. Interesting enough, its cool blue, why? I don't know.




#3 Warm Cool mix

                                   Colour Palette

This image is an ad for H&M, and this is the stuff that I like to do as a professional, right up my alley.  I love the colours, simple, mixed warm and cool, very comfortable to look at, not saturated nor too dim and very simple in the same time.

I did figured the colour colour palette for this image. 

You can see where I choose the sample colours, pretty broad and cover the main points.

Thats all for this week, Cheers.

Assignment 2

#1 - Absent of Light (Negative impact)

Perhaps majority of us experienced the fear of darkness. I don't know what trigger other to be afraid but I know why I was. Lets be clear, the absent of light is not fearful, what I would see was scary. Imagination is the key or basically is the reason.

I remember when I was kid I didn't really wanna be alone somewhere that there where no light. simply because i would imaging scary stuff like someone is walking around in my room while he can see me sleeping, his hand is getting close to me but never touches me. it was creepy and scary and light was the only way that proves no one was there.



#2 - Absent of Light (Positive impact)

Its funny that the same thing would have absolutely opposite effect at different age. When I grow up ( 20 to 25) I needed a total darkness in order to sleep. by that I mean, I supposed not to see my own hand, otherwise I would not fall in sleep. It was very relaxing and I always enjoyed to see the same affect while me eyes are close and open. 

Interesting enough, sometime I could see more light when I had my eyes closed. It was due to strong imagination. later on i learn that can use this as a away to control my though at that time. I would open my eyes whenever I had so many images in mind and all I could see was darkness. Eventually my thought would fade out due to brain confession. I triggered my brain by darkness.



#3 - Present of Light

Few years back, by accident I learn how to access my diffuse mode ( link below to learn). It was an ordinary day and I was very tired in middle of the day. I was at my home working and decided to have a nap for 30 minutes and get back to work. My room's light remain on and I didn't bother to turned them off and I just passed out on my bed. I have to mention that lights on my room are not hanging from the ceiling, they are stands lights that facing up and which cause an even distribution of light. 

That environment causes my brain to fell into the defuse mode. It was strange, relaxing, clear and full of new things that i don't normally experience. I haven't investigate as i should but i have experienced the same thing over and over in the same exact environment.

The best way to discibe how i saw the images was like a scene in Matrix. Look at the scene, only at the first min. That's what I see and how I start going deep into defuse mode. 




If you wish to know more about defuse mode please click here


And that all for this week, Cheers

Assignment 1


The the obvious Mystery, AKA Son of a bitch. Something that masters knew. The second most important element of an image or a paiting after lighting ( without light its all dark and black, Daaaa).
Last week I was thinking about color in depth, by depth I mean I sat down somewhere and thinking about it rather than being in transit and daydream colourful stuff. There are so much we can do with colour, make people feel different, cross your ideas into someones mind by just changing colour. it can be happy, sad, daaaa moment or be very Offensive to some people. 
I tried to create few images which i found funny and it can be offensive to some. 

ok, Lets start with offensive stuff (to some people). Obviously I didn't do it to piss people off, but think about it, this is just Color?   

As lenke was talking about the assignment last week, It just popped, have no idea how but I am showing you exactly what i saw (in my mind) in class last week. 

Click on it to get bigger.



Image below can have two different meaning,: Influencer, Cancer/disease.


there is not much to explain and I ran out of words. look at the images and tell me what do you think. 


I was waiting on red light and then start thinking about it. i always break when i see the light but i don't ever think about it, its like a second nature and it seem my body knows what to do and very comfortable with it. this is what we see every day

then I though what if it was different. I decides to change the colours to RGB since we are studying about these colours. it is interesting but make no sense. specially the green in middle. we are so used to see same colour at same place and it confuse the brain when something else happens. it has raised one question, that what else we are used to it that we don't know?

Thats all for now, Cheers