Rodeo 8 Nation Student Award,CAPIC, 2016

Student Award - Photography Category 

Silvija Crnjak and I, developed the revolutionary idea of combining X-ray Technology with photography: We created a unique technique in order to perform combined images. After a successful start we have continued to use this technique for different industries such as marketing and advertisement.

The process of labor requires safety and delicacy while using a portable X-ray machine (don’t try this at home please!).

This prize was a great feedback to us and I cannot see what others would do with this idea.


"Underwater lighting"

Applied Art Magazine, 2014


Student Award - Photography Category 

It was late 2013 which the idea of underwater photography came cross my mind. A month after, I start to plan everything, it took me 6 month of designing and testing light's behaviour underwater to understand how it does respond. This is my first actual underwater photo shoot. I use my speed lights (flashes) underwater to get the light I was looking for.

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"Violin Luthier"

Rodeo 6 Nation Student Award,CAPIC, 2014 & 

Applied Art Magazine, 2013


Student Award - Photography Category 

Basically this was an assignment for Production Photography class by Lisa Kaulback.  


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"Old School justice"

Honourable Mention from North Shore Challenge, 2014


I have captured this image in my room in first year of my photography. I never had the courage  to post or  join to  any contest until the beginning of 2014.